Exam phobia


A formal test involving answering written or oral questions with no or limited access to textbooks may be frustrating, frightening and weary which is unavoidable as a student and most time leads to exam phobia. The inability of students to overcome exam phobia leads to average or low academic performance which is the least expected of a student by his/her parent or guidance. Take a well comfortable chair or stool and check out these amazing, enriching and mind-blowing steps to overcome exam phobia

1. Before Exam 

Study yourself by the practice of in-look or introspection, taking some minutes each day to study your self will give you a break down on how you can solve tough task bordering your mind without or little consultation from anybody.

Self-mastering is based on principles that range from self-discipline, in-look and dedication, the more you understand yourself the more you have great insight on how to deal with things around you.

Perhaps, knowing the best time and how long you can assimilate will make your reading easy for you, everybody as an individual has specific period he/she can assimilate fast, some are morning, afternoon or evening, with this you will be able to ascertain how long and the numbers of hours you spend on a sit before you start feeling dizzy.

Feeling dizzy while reading may be caused by uncomfortable sitting posture, and also avoid heavy food before reading because it won’t make you feel comfortable when studying and sometimes it facilitates sleep.

The biggest mistake student makes when preparing for exam is lack of adequate and proper material to study (all fingers are not equal) if you don’t have all it takes to get materials to study( in terms of finance ) borrow from those who have, form a comprehensive note that is suitable for reading, thanks to internet that have put useful materials on our fingertips. Get appropriate and useful information online that will aid your reading.

Read with a dictionary it makes you understand and digest difficult words you come across while reading. Learn how to read in sentences rather than reading in words, if not, it will result in cramming. Understand the fact that interpretation of what you are studying to the best language you understand in your mind increases your understanding and reading ability. Go to class regularly and do assignment these are little things that contribute to your success in school.

2. During Exam

Going into the exam hall is more or less going into lion den for some student who has embrace exam phobia. Avoid going into the exam hall with a parasite (the unserious students that depends on others for answers in exam hall) they will serve as distraction and brain cleaner for you, go in with a host (the serious students that doesn’t depend on others for answer in exam hall) it will serve as advantage for you in terms of reminding you of answer to some questions which you have forgotten, not the ones that will tap from what you are still trying to recur.

After getting your answer script take your time to fill necessary detail about your studentship identity as required because failure to this most times contribute to failure. Once you are giving question take your time to go through the questions and identify the one you know best to the least (note, number one is compulsory doesn’t mean you must start with number one), most students make that mistake when they are given that certain number is compulsory they tends to do that first which they don’t know very well. The implication of this is that you won’t be able to provide a solid and well-detailed answer which is expected of you by an examiner or grader and sometimes it makes your work rough.

Put yourself in a position of an examiner or grader right now, you open an answers script to mark what you saw was less of what you are expecting from a student or the work are not neat will you be impressed or happy mark that script or perhaps give that student a good score or grade? Even if the student had answered other questions correctly and well detailed, the first impression won’t let you pay attention to the correct areas. You should start with the one you know best to the least.

If time permits you, don’t leave any question which is expected of you to do unanswered because a mark can make or mar your academic career.

No act of kindness is ever wasted, you may be called for answer by your friend in exam hall I will employ you to answer only when you are done with the ones you know, because if you are caught the result will be deteriorated than what you are expecting, if favored you maybe ask to go and submit. It is very painful when you are asked to submit and looking at your question paper you still have some questions you can answer very well without laborious effort.

Work with time, don’t waste your time on one question if possible, assign a specific time for each question you are answering it shows that you adhere to time management. Take your time to go through your answers and number them properly, submit them at the right time and place to avoid missing script.

3. After Exam 

Control your porous lips, don’t talk to anybody anyhow, exhibit attitude of consideration or high regard, show maturity in dealing with people around you. Why all this? Not all examiner or grader mark their script themselves (while some do), they give it to their assistant (PA) or other people they know that can do that on their behalf providing them the marking guide and who knows if it is the person you fought with yesterday, act wisely.


Do your best and leave the rest is what we say must time, who are you leaving the rest for? Don’t be too lazy to pray over your exams, prayer is the key to overcome exam phobia with ease. When grace speaks for you, protocols are suspended, laws are broken, connections are needless. Note: Favour minus labor and promotion without qualification requires Grace.

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