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Self-investment is a great example of self-love and self-development which will be the most profitable investment you will ever make. The utmost that can sabotage the future of oneself is when you lack the steps that will improve one’s performance and overall wellbeing in life, and no one is exempted from this fact.

Self-investment enables you to become valuable to others around you which makes the universe respond by granting you amazing results. This is done and becomes achievable through consistent and perpetual improvement in self-investment.

Have I invested in myself? Am I investing in myself? How do I invest in myself? this will be the mental anxiety you will be having right now, just stay calm and continue reading. Let’s look at three things that constitute self-investment 



· Personality and attitude 

What defines your life isn’t so much your academic qualification as it is, personality and attitude are foremen when it comes to life. The qualification or certificate you have possessed is not the full stop that determines your success, but just a comma to your set target objective.

Investing in your personality and attitude speaks a lot because this prepares you for the opportunity you are about to step into. In the ability to maintain a good personality and attitude may deter personal goal 

You are the determinant of your personality and attitude, that means you invest and mold yourself in a positive way that suits you. Develop an optimizing and enthusiastic attitude and personality allows you to enjoy 

When considering your personality, values, and attitude, you will begin to get the bigger picture of who you are and how your experiences affect how you behave in your personal lives. It is a good idea to reflect often on what aspects of your personality are working well. You can improve your personality and attitude by waking up and believing that the day is going to be great.


· Knowledge

“Who doesn’t learn can’t know, who don’t know can’t practice, who don’t practice can’t explore, who don’t explore can’t bring out the best, and those that bring out the best are likely to be successful” Adesina Toheeb

Continuous learning is one of the keys to success in life. No matter what you do, educating yourself and gaining knowledge will empower you to become better in life.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

Most people find it difficult to spend money on themselves when it comes to knowledge acquisition (Test books, Tutorials, and Online courses), they believed it is a waste of money.

The fact about life is that the knowledge we acquire now will be useful in the future and in which you may develop a career from it, no one knows what the future will tell is what people do say. Don’t be lazy to acquire knowledge, because when people call you not because of your name just because of the useful knowledge you possessed or acquired, they will look for you. Have useful information which gives the room to decide your future.

Don’t be a dried wood who has run out of ideas, and the only way to overcome this is to acquire knowledge that the futures need.


· Mentor

Mentorship can make a real difference in your life. To invest yourself perfectly you need a mentor who is ready to share information about his/her career life, and who is ready to guide, motivate, support and serve as a role model for you.

Having a strong relationship with someone (mentor) who can correct and eliminate certain behavior that distracts you from reaching your peak in life is a great step to selling investment 

A mentor helps you to see a destination and tells you how to do things to get to your destination at the right time. They are a success magnet; they offer a word of encouragement and motivational words to trigger your zeal towards your success.

Be teachable and also be open to accepting reasonable and useful advice from your mentor, don’t be baffled to share your goal with your mentor. Set aside time to meet with your mentor to learn and discuss personal issues that need to be addressed.

The impact of mentorship may not show immediately but will show in years to come.

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