School problem is inevitable as a student, the school itself is a problem that needs to be solved or dealt with. Difficulties in not something you worry about too much or probably disturb your peace of mind, if not it will only give way to mental anxiety which leads to mental agitation or distress.

Every student face problem regardless of their status, all you need to do is to identify the problem and look for possible solutions. Check out these 4 major problem student faces in school and possible way to curb or stop them.

1.Time management

Being able to plan and exercise conscious control over time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity needed to be adopted as a student. Poor time management is a problem that 80% of students in school face. Most students spent their time on irrelevance after classroom lectures which contribute to their poor performance.

Time management is based on self-discipline and self-control. Create a timetable for yourself and strictly adhere to it, this gives and strengthens you to meet the self-targeted achievement you desire per day.

Learn to organize yourself as a student, these serve as a guide when setting a goal, planning and setting a time limit.

 2. Studying

Revising materials already learned just to make sure one does not forget them, usually in preparation for an examination may be worrisome sometimes, but the fact is that you can’t deviate from studying hard to get good grades in school.

Students are faced with many distractions these days. Phone, social media, games, friends, and parties ruin the ability of a student to stay focused when studying. Reducing your social life will be of help to you.

Sometimes students don’t like the subject they are studying probably because they don’t like the lecturer taking the course or they feel that the course is tedious and they are not good at it. Having this mentality will not make rather mar your progress in school, the only way overcomes this is to have a change of mindset. Eliminate bad habits and develop good study habits. 

3. Friend/ Roommates

Finding your fit in school as a student is a problem that needs to be addressed with the brain, eyes, and feelings. Sensitivity and eye-opening make you understand your feelings towards the person you are choosing as a roommate/friend, which is of importance too. No one is perfect but choosing the right friends/roommate won’t make you bewail or lament at the end of your academic year in school. Take your time to study and examine people around you before you choose them as friends or roommates if not, it will be difficult to avoid them when they start influencing you in a negative way that can affect your main priority in school.

Be bold enough to accept who you want to accept and reject who you don’t want, don’t let people choose for you, don’t choose friends/roommates because of pity, just sympathize and render the help you can do. Striving to become a better person in all areas of life involves moving with great minds. Choose wisely because you own your journey.

4. Finance

Most students develop poor money management wants, if not careful, this bad habit becomes part of them after they have left school. Build proper financial habits, and identify your wants and needs, they are the basis of budgets. Setting a budget will not restrict you from having fun, just to adjust your spending and increase savings.

Finance is a major problem some student drops out of school. Don’t sit back and depend on your parents only in school, learn how to make money as a student without sacrificing your grades. Sometimes the situation warrants doing some petty work along with your study. The only factors to think about when looking for work to do is to consider time, small or no investment, and less energy-consuming.

Considering these aforesaid factors will make your main priority in school unshaken while doing some side hustle. Some of these jobs include freelancing, dropshipping, blogging, affiliate marketing, home lesson, and a lot more.

Having a side job while schooling prepares you for the life to come after school, you will have the opportunity to improve your skill and learn from every failure you come across.

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